April 21st CG: Thargoid Tissues for Palin

A mistake in the current CG show a glimpse of the next CG, starting on April-21.

CG from the future

We need to farm any Thargoid Tissues, included Scouts, for the typical monetary reward, and special Corrosion Resistant Cargo Rack, in sizes 4-5-6, only the size 4 exist in the Tech Broker at the moment. We don't know the exact market value of the Tissues in the future CG.

The leaked CG talk about a second phase, that could need this Corrosion Resistant Cargo Racks.

Canonn guides: Thargoid sampling the new Multilimpet collector provide more Research Limpets at the same time, but you cant mix the size 7 Universal with the Size 3 Xeno Multilimpets, only 1 Multilimpet controller. You can add extra 1E Research limpets. Add a Size 4 Cargo rack for storing the corrosive thargoid tissues.

The low return rate of tissues is a unsolved bug, don't fixed.

AXI have a list of the best place for passive Thargoids are the permanent Distress Calls in HR 1185 and Delphi, relog until one thargoid spawn. Thanks to the debris in the zone, we have more time to probe the interceptor. Launch at less than 2Km, but at more then 1Km (that could detect our ship even with silent running or low temp, maybe 1Km is for big ship like Cutter), Research limpets got destroyed at +4Km. Having tissues on your cargo start the thargoid attack, is recommended to store the tissues in a friendly fleet carrier before spawning a new one.

The previous thread that have this info was deleted by the original poster and recreated, so I make a new one.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/u6dfeu/april_21st_cg_thargoid_tissues_for_palin/

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