ATTN: New Pilots

Please make sure you have installed Elite Dangerous Market Connector (EDMC) or a similar application to keep the Elite Dangerous Data Base (EDDB) up to date. You'll make more money, and help everyone else out in the process.

More and more frequently, the information on has been woefully incorrect. There may be another reason, but it seems to me many pilots may be utilizing the information on EDDB without contributing to its maintenance.

You'll find all the information you need at the links below:

Home · EDCD/EDMarketConnector Wiki · GitHub

Keep the faith, CMDRs. Nuke out. o7

Edit: I almost forgot… Don't forget to pick up your free Anaconda at Hutton Orbital in the Alpha Centauri system. Just be aware that many older players think this is a broken mechanic, since it allows brand new commanders to basically skip the grind and become Elite overnight. As a result, these "bad apples" spread misinformation as a way of discouraging new pilots from taking advantage of the opportunity. Don't pay them any attention, and please know that they are an old and dying subset of the Elite Community, and are in no way representative of the whole. Here are the facts:

The "free Anaconda" was introduced in the Horizons Update, and according to Frontier's disclosure, it is as a way of attracting younger players who prefer a more "arcade-like" style of gameplay. That said, it's caused quite an uproar and may be taken out in Odyssey – so get it while you can.


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