Auction Rumours

Looks like we are getting 3 tier X and 2 tier VIII.

  1. Obj 268 V5 (268/5=53.6)
  2. 113 Beijing Opera (Theatre binos)
  3. Unknown (letter with wax seal)
  4. Unknown (Book with rabbit or hare marker)
  5. WZ-111 Qilin (Golden decorated egg)

There are a few other unreleased supertest tanks including:

-Object 780 tier X soviet heavy

-K2 tier VIII soviet heavy

-M48A2 tier X American medium

-Cobra tier IX British medium

-Object 590 tier IX soviet medium

-UDES 03 Alt 3 tier IX Swedish medium

-WZ 114 tier IX Chinese heavy

-Augklarungspanser V tier VIII light

-AMBT tier VIII American medium

-K91 V2 tier VIII soviet medium

-Kirovets-1 (K1) tier VIII soviet heavy

That’s all I can find for now!
Please add any other possible rumours in the comments and feel free to discuss!!

Happy tanking!!


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