Bartender / backpack contents gameplay becoming very broken now that some of my on foot backpack categories are getting full

Raised issue here – please pile in your own experiences, votes and confirmations

  • There are duplicate items listed for no apparent reason and leading to very long scrollable lists
  • The "category capacity x/1000" number is only showing the total of the first item in any category
  • The "You could Acquire" units number is showing what would probably be true if you could trade in from ALL categories — which we should be able to! as some categories get filled very quickly compared to others. I would expect that trading from a different category would be less value. A bit like ship material traders will rob you trading between categories.
  • now that I have been playing for a while I have reached capacity for at least one category, resulting now constantly getting a delay to board ship/srv with messages that my backpack contents will have to be discarded. That 5 second delay can result in death and no way to empty backback beforehand when it is safer.
  • bartenders on every system now also presents an uncaught error message on screen "humanoidservices_bartender_overcapacity_warning" making it impossible to complete ANY trade.


The previously enjoyable, good framerate, fun scavenging activities is now becoming broken due to this whole backpack/trading game mechanic being an utter omnishambles.

EDIT: I have found that if you sell some of the items in a category that has reached capacity it does allow you to trade again. But that was purely a result of flailing around without any help from the UI. If you cannot do something in any of the UIs there should be guidance on the reason why. E.g. if the bartender UI could tell me that I need to offload/sell some of the items in a full category before it will allow trading in ANY category (which does not make any sense) that would be at least something.


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