Broken after update

Quick notes hope this get noticed..

Gun literally stop shooting.
Tested at gun range and had multiple others claim the same thing. (Game won't register player holding down shoot button requiring player to click twice for registration..) worst one

Gold backpack and lifeline time is broken. Example: If u throw an arc star at a player getting revived by the drone (lifeline wit gold backpack) the dmg will not register if player animation is standing up.

Octanes jump Pad: double jump will not work if healing (near the landing rather then take off)

Loba ability still a glitch.. Some games the entire ability will not work no matter what.

This is only a few stated above. There could be more, this is some of the worst bugs I've experienced, been around since season 1. Very surprised I have not seen this anywhere. Hopefully devs catch a wiff and fix this disaster. It is very hard to play atm


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