BSG are requesting feedback on hit registration issues

Escapers! BattleState is listening to the community and their reports about hit registration, and wants to have as detailed information about this issue as possible! Therefore we will need as detailed diagnostic information from you as possible. Please help out by providing diagnostics in the following thread to the developers so they can find the cause of hit registration issues, and resolve them.

If you cant see the thread make sure you are logged in.

IMPORTANT! Information should be as "fresh" as possible, less than 24 hours.

To make a hit registration problem diagnostic, please, provide the following information.

We need:
– A video of the problem, uploaded to YouTube with access from the link, which shows the problem itself, the server ID (alphanumeric letters at the bottom left), and who you tried to kill.

– Game session log files,
C:Users%USERNAME%AppDataLocalLowBattlestate GamesEscapeFromTarkovoutput_log.txt

Unfortunately, this file stores information only about the last session of the game and does not contain the necessary data if you re-entered the game after the problem was discovered.

We shall also need all logs found in folders:

– Information about user location (city), user provider (name), internet speed test (

Send everything via the bug report in the game launcher.

Please also fill in this poll:


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