Bucharest new COVID-19 restrictions. They slightly modified the primary one because of the protests.

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The organization of private events, weddings, baptisms will be allowed with the participation of those vaccinated and people who have gone through the disease, at 50% capacity and up to 200 people. Also, sports events with spectators, concerts, shows and cinemas.
Outdoor recreational activities and sports are carried out with a maximum of 10 people who do not live together.
The activity with the public in restaurants, indoors and on terraces is allowed at 50% of capacity, only between 05-24, and access is allowed only to vaccinated people and those who have gone through the disease.
The activity in bars, clubs and discos is forbidden if the cumulative incidence at 14 days in Bucharest is higher than 6 / 1,000 inhabitants. (Now it is 8.28 / 1,000)
Shops, malls close at 10 pm. Only the delivery / takeaway activities remain functional.
It is forbidden the movement of persons outside the home / household in the time interval 20.00-5.00, with the following exceptions:
travel in the professional interest, including between the home / household and the place / places where the professional activity takes place and back;
travel for medical care that cannot be postponed or performed remotely, for the purchase of medicines or for the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine;
travel outside the localities of persons who are in transit or make journeys whose time interval overlaps with the prohibition period, such as those made by plane, train, coach or other means of passenger transport, and which can be proved by ticket or any other way of paying for the trip;
moving for justified reasons, such as caring for / accompanying the child, assisting the elderly, sick or disabled or the death of a family member;
leaving home to protect life or physical integrity in the event of a serious and imminent danger by calling the single national emergency call system 112
Traffic restrictions do not apply to people who are vaccinated and those who have gone through the disease, nor to children under 12 years of age.

Again, srry for poor translate i used google translate.

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