Calling Midwestern and North American Players Looking for a League to Play In

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MD2L Season 10 team sign ups will be live starting Oct. 31st. The season will be fully online, with a 9 week regular season and 32 team double-elim weekly BO3 online playoffs concluding with a shortened tournament weekend (final 8 teams/ the final 4 rounds of the playoffs bracket are played April 9-10th.)

The Midwest Dota 2 League Season 10 is finally here and open to all players below 6.5k MMR. For higher MMR players, MD2L is a place to showoff your talent and build team skills. For lower MMR players, MD2L is an opportunity to meet and learn from much better players and play in much higher skilled games than you would otherwise get the opportunity to.

The team sign up Google form will be located at our website at and here:

1. Find 5 verified players, obtain time stamped MMR screenshots and enable public matchmaking. The verification form is located in discord under "join_md2l".
2. Fill out the team application Google Form here once opened:
3. Once reviewed and approved by the admin team, payment will be due on the website.

Important dates:
Sign ups start: Oct. 31st
Regular Season: Dec 5th- Feb 12th (only the first 3 matchups will be due the month of December to account for the holidays)
32 team double elimination playoffs: March 6th – April 8th
Tournament weekend: April 9-10th – top 8 teams (last 4 rounds of playoffs, Bo5 Grand Finals)

Team forming rules:
-22,000 team MMR cap, 6.5k individual cap
-$100 per team sign up fee
-Sub 1k players adjusted up to 1000 towards cap
-All players must in the MD2L discord, verified, have updated their dotabuff within 7 days of application, and attached a timestamped MMR screenshot within 72 hours of application.
-6k players adjusted up (MMR in excess of 6k x 3.5 + 6000= new MMR), players who have peaked in MMR over 6.5k will be adjusted up only slightly more with our new formula:
(Current MMR – 6,000) * 3.5 + (Peak MMR* – Current MMR) + 6,000
*Peak MMR over prior 6 months; only for Peak MMR > 6,500

Prize Pool:
Prize pool info pending team sign ups. However we are looking forward to it being even more than Season 9 with continued growth of this league!

If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them in the comments and you can also join the discord and get in touch with any of the admins for help registering or questions/concerns. Hope to see as many new names as possible!


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