Carrier Heading to Pleiades Sector to assist.

The Carrier SRS Too Much Gravitas, of Simbad will be heading to the Pleiades Sector later on today to assist with Anti Xeno operations in Celaeno, Atlas and HIP 18390. There will be a limited amount of AX weaponry and scanners on board for anyone wishing to purchase them, at 0% service tariff.

Repair, rearm and redemption offices are also on-board.

Final destination to be confirmed, will edit post when finalised.

Anyone wishing to join are welcome, please let me know below if you are wishing to join, and are on-board. The carrier is currently located in Telin, until 4pm GMT (3pm in game time or 2 hours from the time of this post being submitted).

CMDR ENTR0PY1984 out. o7

Edit: Departure delayed until 16:00 game time.

HRPs, MRPs and Shield boosters have been added to Carriers outfitting.


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