Carrier Voyage To Colonia Valentines 2021

Greetings people! Are you in a pinch to get to Colonia but want to spend time with your significant other this Valentine's? Well Poseidon Private Cruises has your back! Departing from Bunda near Shinrarta Dezhra on Sunday the 14th of February at about 6:00 AM US West Coast Time (using Los Angeles for reference) our flagship cruise liner FCS Poseidon will be headed for Colonia as part of a Valentine's special voyage.

While officially being a promotional expense on behalf of our newly founded company Poseidon Private Cruises we will accept payment in the form of extra Tritium fuel if you wish to donate to us for your passage. We will be following a route planned on the Spansh Fleet Carrier Router, and we hope to arrive in Colonia by Thursday the 18th of February or earlier.

Our voyage will take us through deep space and give our passengers plenty of opportunities to scan systems along the way for exploration data, regretfully the ships non-essential services will be shut down during transit but upon arrival will be re-activated again so that we may act as a mobile base for our passengers to use while in Colonia for one week departing Colonia on Thursday the 25th of February and returning to the bubble by Monday the 1st of March.

So what are you waiting for!? Pack your luggage and come aboard for the voyage! We hope to see you there commanders.


FCS Poseidon.


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