Caves & Cliffs Teaser (Possible Ice/Frozen caves?)

Hi, so, awhile ago Mojang released a ‘How we make Minecraft’ video (survival edition), and in it were 4 or so teasers about the next update which I think people missed. Since I can't add more than 1 image, I'll only show the possible ice/frozen caves:

Now, first of, this cave entrance generation looks epic, the ones in the latest snapshots look meh but if they’re gonna look like this, just woAh. Now, this stone looks frozen which could possibly mean ice/frozen caves! There’s no ice or anything else teased because that might’ve given too much away. But if it is ice/frozen caves, that’s exciting. It might look a bit like normal stone but they might've purposely done that? Idk

They showed some cliff generation, cobwebs in caves and above ground iron boulders (Sry I forgot what they're called) in the video. You guys can check it out and maybe tell people about it since it wasn't that noticed.


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