CG carrier support

This CG's commodity port has a long distance from the arrival star. I'm going to be trucking in as much as I can about 18k at a time to the system to help fight Corporate Landlords.

Anyone wanting to get in some easy CG credit I will be parking FC SmokingHam Palace HBG-42L in there as often as I can with CG goods @ Market price, I will then be moving to reload the carrier buy BUYING CG goods @ CG station prices!

Help Fight Corporate Landlords today!

I am now selling CG goods at 5% and buying them at 800% of market value. Average of 250M Cr per trip in loading fees up for grabs for anyone who wants to help. FC owners are spreading across the galaxy trucking in supplies to help the Scrivinners keep their home. Support the battle against Fascit supporting lazy reloggers from murdering thousands of innocent people for profit!

I'm throwing 2Billion at this CG to free the Dredger!

Edit: Added more


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