China Dota Community is having a difficulty time after losing to Team Spirit

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Warriors Ice

According to Sources from well-known China Dota Community Max+ & NGA, a lot of players claimed that they would quit DOTA2 after this disappointing tournament. And CN community has a strong believe that this TI was a scandal. They believe LGD was manuipulated by their funding groups and lost the game intentionally.

On the otherhand, legend player / coach Xiao8 was exposed by his ex-wife "Chen Tong" as (小糯米sticky) on Weibo. According to his ex-wife, xiao8 did not only bet a large amount of money on his own Team LGD, but also is a bad father for abusing his wife and Whoring frequently. On weibo, Chen Tong posted serveral images as evidences against xiao8. besides that, xiao8 is also being regarded as the ultimate sinner for not banning Magnus on G5 by the whole CN community.

China Dota Community is literally undergoing an earthquake after losing to a little-known underdog.


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