Common misconceptions about Minecraft Bedrock (and other things) I’ve seen on this sub. (I have java & bedrock)

Having played and own both bedrock and the java edition of Minecraft, I think I am a bit qualified to talk about this.

The first misconception is that Minecraft bedrock is full of micro transactions. The Minecraft marketplace is where you can purchase skins,texture packs and maps. However this is entirely optional. I am not saying I like the micro transactions, but they are a way for the community to publish their own Minecraft maps and make money, simply by applying on Microsoft’s website. It works similar to the YouTube partner program where in this case, most of the money goes the the creator and Microsoft gets a portion. The best part is that unless you WANT to you don’t have to purchase anything from the Marketplace.

The second misconception is that the only way to get maps/skins/texture packs is through the marketplace. This is not true, on the mobile and windows 10 versions is bedrock you can just download maps,skins,texture packs and add-ons from elsewhere for free. A lot of people say that this is not available on console, but this is not Minecraft bedrock’s fault. That’s a limitation of console. Even if java was on console, there would be no way to download things because file downloading is not supported on console.

Bedrock has come a long way, and in my experience it’s not nearly as buggy as it used to be. I now get stable performance on my PlayStation 4 and always keep it at 22 chunks render distance. When someone posts a video of them dying/getting into trouble because of a bug, keep in mind that the entirety of bedrock is not like this. Some of the bugs I’ve seen I’ve never experienced, however lots of people got to the comments to bash the bedrock edition, however they tend to only focus on the negatives.

There are some things bedrock does better then java, like playing with your friends is easier and the performance is great (at least for me). I always keep my ps4 on 22 chunks render distance and I almost never get lag. On java I get more than 200fps but sometimes my game stutters when I mine stone or type in chat, and I have no idea why.

Java also does things like Red stone and third party servers better but in my experience it’s not as smooth as people describe it on this server. However, it’s still a very good experience. Although I think that Bedrock is not very bad, and is a solid Minecraft experience.
If you disagree with me, that’s fine, and if you play java, you should stay playing java. But just keep these things in mind.

This is entirely my opinion. Thank you for reading.


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