Community Goal (CG) is GOOD for all players, even new. Take part and receive a reward.

If you have a small ship, if you never leave the bubble, if you just started playing, you can all equally receive a reward and can help others a lot.

Just joining the event at the moment will bring you 400k, and most likely about 2 million in the end CG. You can bring cargo once in any volume. Even 2 tons.

Plus, this will help you to get an award for those who bring more cargo, since the more participants in the event, the easier it is to be among those who are better than 25% of all other participants. You just buy as many as you can CERAMIC COMPOSITES ( or COMPUTER COMPONENTS. ( anywhere you want, fly to Alcor, FIRST REGISTER for the CG, and then sell the cargo. Thats all – basic task completed. But remember to register in CG BEFORE sell the cargo. You can find CG it in the Missions tab on Alcor.

If you already have an engineered FSD and you think that the event will end because of other players tomorrow, you should know – IT WILL NOT END. Tier 6 was added to this CG – 1,000,000,000 tons. This is unrealistic to fulfill and you can comfortably trade until the end of the event, it is not worthwhile to collect a billion. But the awards will be given after Tier 5 and this is about 200kk tons.

When we done in Bubble I will fill carrier and go to the Colony to help them.


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