Congratulations to the Winner of TI10 CN Qualifier

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Elephant will go to TI10 after defeating EHOME 3-1 in the BO5 Grand Finals. Despite not playing in any DPC Majors this season, Elephant will join fellow Chinese teams PSG.LGD / Invictus Gaming / Team Aster / Vici Gaming at TI10.

Congratulations to Elephant:

  1. Eurus (Also known as Paparazi灬)
  2. Somnus丶M (Also known as Maybe)
  3. Yang
  4. fy
  5. Super
  6. rOtK (Coach), Xz (Assistant Coach)

Special commiserations to EHOME given the history between both teams:

  1. Sylar (Ex-teammate with fy/Super/rOtK, finished 2nd at TI4 together. Also, Sylar was initially signed to Elephant but was removed for Eurus before any official games played)
  2. Xm
  3. Chalice (Ex-teammate with Somnus/fy, finished 2nd/3rd at TI8/TI9 together)
  4. Fade (Ex-teammate with Eurus/Yang, finished 5th-6th at TI9 together)
  5. xNova (Ex-teammate with Somnus/fy, finished 2nd/3rd at TI8/TI9 together)
  6. QQQ (Coach)


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