Congratulations to the Winners of BTS Pro Series Season 7: Southeast Asia Open Qualifier

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Winning Teams:

Motivate.ViperKNP, BeeBie, Seri, Tigger, LionaX
Team DDrew, Krish, kYxY, Destrice, Ponlo
  • Both teams will be competing against 6 other teams (OB.Neon/Execration/496 Gaming/Galaxy Racer/Lilgun/Army Geniuses) in the closed qualifiers.
  • The winners of the closed qualifiers will then join 4 other teams (Fnatic/Motivate.Trust/Team SMG/T1) at the group stage.


Notable Teams that lost in the Open Qualifiers:

TeamResultLost to
Cignal UltraSemifinalsMotivate.Viper
Yangon GalacticosQuarterfinalsCignal Ultra
Team MysteryRound of 16Patriots
The PrimeRound of 16Motivate.Viper


Notable Stacks that lost in the Open Qualifiers:

StackResultLost to
JG, Ken, Rupido, LuziFy, TeeheeSemifinalsTeam D
Lance, ddz, Candyloon, MoZuN, Oc.JJRound of 16Team D
Ghost, xsilearn, Forev, Hustla, BombiRound of 16Cignal Ultra
vtF╬▒ded, AhJit, Mushi, James, PlayHardRound of 32Royale5


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