Credits up for grabs!

On the live server the sandbox “reward tokens store” (actually it shows up as a drop in depot, like twitch or prime gaming ones) has opened. You can now exchange tokens for:

  • 1 premium day (30 tks, limited to 3)
  • credit boosters
  • xp, crew xp and free xp boosters
  • a nice decal (15 tks)
  • CREDITS (10k credits for 1 tk, and unlimited)

Quick math: if you have completed all 3 sets of missions and got your 90 tokens, there is an almost milion of credits for free waiting for you (and by the end of all phases, you’ll be able to purchase a full tier IX tank absolutely for nothing apart from sky-fallen credits) 🙃

(I only specified tks prices for the things I remember, and value more; all the rest is between 2 and 10 tks each).


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