Crew 2.0 nerfs every single vehicle in game

So ive been messing around in the sandbox and i have not played any battles yet so im not familier with the «situationell skills» but holy shit i hate that idiotic garbage till now.

Massive nerf to every crew because previosuly you got the commander on for example 100% and the other crew members got a 10%boost. Well this is non excistent now so accuracy/reload/mobility is basecaly nerfed on every tank in the entire game. On the stb i had a reload of 5.32, now its 5.53 (maximum) and vr is 463 instead of 473.

Because i have not played any battles yet and not really caught up im Afraid this sounds very stupid…

Like the positive things they’ve implemented sounds amazing! No 50 and 75 crew, Defeult six sense and one crew for 3 nation-unified tanks.

This sound cool but basecally my 5 skill crews feels like 2 skills and im seriously quitting if they Get implemented.

So just wanted to hear your opinions and maybe im totally wrong and its a big missunderstanding


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