Demystifying the fleet carrier decommissioning process and Codex errors

Fleet carrier decommissioning is a mysterious process and, through a series of experiments conducted for the Fleet Carrier Owners Club (r/FCOC), I've demystified some of it – and have found the Codex entry is wrong in several places.

Here are the most important findings. There's a full summary post here.

The Codex says or implies…Actual behaviour
Most core services will cease to function during the Pending Decommission stateMost core services remain operational during the Pending Decommission state, including navigation, tritium donation and the market
You have at least one week before your carrier becomes fully decommissioned and inaccessibleThe carrier was decommissioned in just under five days
You will receive a refund for installed optional services, stock and cargoYou will not be refunded for these
Other commanders docked, or with stored ships and modules, will receive communications about the decommissioning processOther commanders receive no communications at all

If you're going to decommission your carrier, make sure to remove all optional services and keep an eye on the decommission timer.


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