Discovered an easier variant of the supercruise assist trick

Video for context:

I found this a bit difficult to pull off reliably so came up with a version I find a lot easier that might help other people (or maybe everyone knows this already – I haven’t played in a long time):

  1. Make sure you SCA is set to manual throttle
  2. Turn on SCA, max your throttle and line up your target. SCA won’t turn on because you’re not “in the blue”
  3. Continue on at full throttle until the arrival timer says 7s, then immediately throttle down into the blue to engage SCA.
  4. wait a second then throttle back up, then throttle back down into the blue after a slight (fraction of a second) pause. SCA will kick in again and the timer should be at 6s then climb back up to 7.
  5. when the timer hits 7, repeat the throttle up, throttle down, disengaging then reengaging SCA.
  6. keep doing this until the timer doesn’t go back up to 7 but slowly continues to count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 to 0 (3-5 times or so). When this happens you’re locked in and SCA will take you into your target safely at ludicrous speed.

I find this easier since it doesn’t require any timing, just riding the throttle up and down until the numbers go the right way.

Hope this helps somebody. o7


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