Don’t add Mass Manager to the new FSDs, or if you do don’t count on it working.

Added mass manager to my 6A after seeing a post saying it was possible. I got a bug saying increased range was reset to 1 but my range was well over what it had been so I restarted and it displayed g5 again. Unladen range of over 84 Ly was being displayed. All going well.

Decided to take it for a spin, sell some data to Chloe Sedesi to get up to G5 to reduce mats costs on some dirty drives after some mats grinding to come. Don't know if that's related or not, but I hadn't and haven't engineered anything at all since adding mass manager.

My jump range is now worse than if it were a standard 6A at g5 in increased range with mass manager, according to EDSY's math, and definitely worse than the "completed" build prior to adding the experimental. It displays as much under the Ship tab, and holds true both in plotting a route and setting a target.

So, you know… at your own risk, I guess. Maybe my experience is unique. But here's your warning.


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