Don’t crash your SRV. Especially when exploring.

I feel physically sick even having to write this, but maybe other commanders can learn from my misfortune.

Backstory – I set off in my AspX over three months ago for a long trip all the way to the tip of the south-eastern arm past Lyra's Song and into Tenebrae. After hundreds of systems mapped, MANY hundreds of organic data catalogued for research. On the return trip approximately 15,000LY away from the bubble during a short sight seeing break I parked my SRV near a lava spout for some photography, wasn't paying attention and destroyed my SRV. No big deal, I'll just spawn in my ship, dock at a fleet carrier to restock my SRV and continue on my way. After all, you only lose data if your ship gets destroyed….right?

Well, fellow CMDR's, that was not right. I have just docked back at Jameson Memorial excited to hand in all my data and collect my shiny Exobiologist Elite rank, and it's gone. All of it. I had one page worth approximately 1.3mil credits to hand in, and the rest of my data is gone. Three months of scanning, navigating treacherous terrain to collect samples (quite of which were first discoveries) and it's all gone.

I need a strong glass of Lavian Brandy and I think i'll take a break for a while. Heed my warning, fellow CMDR's. Stay safe out there.

TL;DR – crashed my SRV and lost months worth of organic sample data


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