Dota 2 News (Oct. 1st)

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Team Aster got teamwiped by COVID.

Burning said in his fan group that 10 people, including players and staffs all tested positive. (See pic1 in the link down below)

Aster.LaNm was complaining about how caring-less PGL is for teams.(pic2)

Xiao8 explained in his fan group that LaNm got it wrong because PGL helped them a lot during the bootcamp. (pic3)

The CEO of Team Secret, also suggested that nobody would babysit a team throughout their entire bootcamp.(pic4)

CN community is mostly laughing at LaNm because a.) People taunting Aster about their poor performance in Majors, but still rank 1st in China. b.) Besides JT, Only Aster as an entire team had the problem meaning they should have taken more care of themselves. (pic5)

Team Aster then apologized to PGL on Weibo, explaining they haven't signed an official deal with LaNm and it’s the misunderstandings and miscommunications within the team that led to the drama.(pic6)

I didn’t translate for pic1,pic2, pic5 and pic6.


Xiao8 would eat shit to survive.

Given the situations of COVID, Xiao8 said in his fan group that they will try their best to survive(make it to TI) even if they have to eat shit.(LMAO) It’s said that PSG.LGD doesn’t even turn on the AC to prevent air from flowing, just in case.

Xiao8 in his fan group

Sumail is Back!

As a big fan of Sumail myself, big differences between then and now. Glad to see him playing in TI again.


Liquid.Mickie standin for Ceb.

Today, OG officially announced that Liquid.Mickie will stand-in for Ceb who is still in recovery after his eye surgery. It’s uncertain whether or not Ceb will play in TI.

Interestingly, yesterday, Chat in Gorgc’s stream said Ceb needs to do eye surgery otherwise he can go blind. Liquid.Mickie will play for OG in TI. It’s the same chat who said Ana is out, Sumail will play for OG back in June before OG even officially announced it.


Gorgc's Stream On Ceb

Potential 3 times and 2 times TI winners.

I really missed the old Wings, they were absolutely genius and wild. They even picked Techies and Pudge against Digital Chaos. They lost that game. But the good old days.

OG is back pursuing their 3rd consecutive TIs with Sumail on board.

CN Fans Are Sharing Their Loves For Dota2

Someone in the CN community shared these. True love for dota. BIG RESPECT!


Hope TI won’t get cancelled or we all have to wait for another year.

Since teams are already settled down in Bucharest, I think it may get delayed rather than cancelled.

PS: I hope you guys find the format of this post looks better. Tell me about how you feel about the format and I will continue making it prettier. I know lot of you guys read my post

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See you guys on next Wednesday,


Xiao8! LMAO


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