Dota 2 News (Oct. 6th) Translations for all the Chinese voice lines.

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  • As requested by a fellow, I’ve translated all the voicelines from Chinese talents. There will always be something lost during translations, especially 78’s voiceline which is a quote from Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” but I’ve included the chinese version just in case you guys want to know about it. link: translations for chinese voicelinesFeel free to help me out if you have better versions of translations.

  • PSG's blessings to PSG.LGD. Technically speaking, Ame and Messi are colleagues. lol. link for the video
  • This was so VIRAL in the CN community. Someone replaced the original face with Sccc's face and made this video clip. Must watch in CN scene. Link for the video: Sccc dancing

Sccc dancing,LMAO

  • Chalice will be playing for RNG for the next eason, said by himself in his stream. He lost his front tooth for some reasons. Lol.

Chalice in his stream

  • Ben Steenhuisen, an Esports Statistics & Data analyst, made his predictions for TI10 in which he studied lots of data samples. Just something you can refer to. link for his tweet

I'm still not sure what to choose for lowest avg. death. what you guys have for this one?

  • TI is coming in less than 12 hours!!! First game starts at 3am, Oct.7th(ET)


Looks like day 1 is NA vs CN—-EG vs Aster and LGD vs QC. Guess EG and LGD will win their games.

Just a quick recap. Teams who got COVID are allowed to play in their hotel rooms until they are clear. OG is playing in full roster with Ceb.

GL to all the 18 teams!!! It's finally coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you guys on Friday,



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