Dota 2 update for 10/29/21

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SteamDB has spotted an update for the game:

Size is close to 70 MB (with Workshop Tools installed). More info will be edited in when available.

  • Marci has been given a few balance adjustments, including:

    • Base mana regeneration before base Intelligence is applied has been nerfed from 0.5 to 0.0
      • Effectively, Marci now starts with 0.9 mana regeneration at level 1
    • Dispose has been nerfed from 70/140/210/280
    • Rebound's Cast / Jump Range has been nerfed from 850 units to 800
    • Unleash's duration has been nerfed from 18s to 16s
    • Unleash's pulse damage has been nerfed from 80/150/220 to 60/130/200
    • Level 15 left-side Talent affecting Rebound's range has been nerfed from giving +250 range to giving +200 range, if selected/game goes very late
    • Level 20 right-side Talent granting Sidekick spell immunity has had its duration nerfed from 1.75s to 1.5s, if selected/game goes very late
  • An assortment of Marci-related tweaks and bug fixes are also found in this one, including:

    • Each of Marci's 3 whistles when moving around now have a 60 second cooldown timer (previously 40s) before being able to be heard again (okay, okay, you can say this one is a nerf too)
      • If you're the type of player that repeatedly right-clicks, you'll still hear each of her 3 whistles in quick succession once, but as each whistle has its own cooldown timer, there will be periods where Marci will not whistle until one, two, or all those timers resets
    • Rebound's "Max Jump Range" is now known as "Cast / Jump Range"
    • Rubick's Spell Steal now interacts better with customized particles, including when The Magus Cypher arcana is equipped
    • Before tonight, Marci's in-game introduction was technically split into two separate splash ads (a .webm of the first half of the teaser trailer shown during TI10 under ID 109, and the in-game rendered bit under ID 110). It has been merged into one, under splash_ad_id 109
      • This also resolves a bug where replaying it from the main menu would only show the 2nd half; otherwise running "dota_splash_ad_acknowledged_id 0; host_writeconfig" in console and restarting the game was the only way to replay it in its entirety with both parts
  • Unfortunately, a shaky 7.30 series implementation cycle continues, one change was forgotten about, and another appears to have been entirely unintentional:

    • Tinker's level 3 mana cost for Heat-Seeking Missile is now 115 (it was erroneously 110; levels 1 and 2 were properly implemented last night though)
    • Elder Titan's Natural Order's base armor reduction and base magic resistance reduction were both unintentionally set to 41%/59%/73%/89%, both have been reverted to their intended 40%/60%/80%/100% configurations
  • If you still haven't used your purchased TI10 Autograph Avatar levels on one of your Avatars, the expiry dates on all of them have been punted down to December 1st (otherwise, they would've expired at the end of this month). Use them, or lose them!


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