Dota 2 update for 11/15/21 (11/16/21 UTC, 32-bit, DirectX 9 & OpenGL End-Of-Life)

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Via the Steam Community:

Monkey King Mischief

  • Monkey King can now turn into nearby lane or neutral creeps.
  • Added healthbar when Monkey King transforms into courier or Roshan.
  • Fixed a bug where a small percentage of the time Monkey King would transform into an invisible model.

Ability Draft

  • Drafting Wukong's Command grants Mischief. (Only Monkey King can turn into trees.)
  • Call of the Wild default changed to Hawk. Boar can still be accessed by toggling auto-cast.
  • A number of previously unavailable Scepter/Shard abilities are now granted when drafting base abilities, abilities are accessed by toggling auto-cast on the base spell:
    • Tree Volley granted with Tree Grab
    • Torrent Storm granted with Torrent
    • Terror Wave granted with Metamorphosis
    • Death Seeker granted with Death Pulse
    • Cold Blooded granted with Mystic Snake (Cold Blooded passive ability is hidden)
    • Hairball granted with Quill Spray (Nasal Goo required for Goo in Hairball)
  • Shuffling player slots is now a lobby option for Ability Draft lobbies and works on hosted servers. Default is on.
  • Fixed Talent bug with Winter Wyvern and Wind Ranger.

Moving Dota Technology Forward

Following up on our previous announcement about the future of Dota's technology, with this update we have:

  • Removed support for native XAudio support — the default audio system is now SDL.
  • Deprecated DirectX 9 support — as the penultimate step toward removing support for this render system, users who have been using DirectX 9 have been switched to DirectX 11. To facilitate reporting problems with DirectX 11, we've added a temporary command-line flag -deprecated_dx9 (which itself will be removed in the coming weeks).
  • Removed support for OpenGL on Windows. The optional DLC that previously contained the data required for OpenGL on Windows has been emptied and will be removed soon.
  • Removed support for Dota on 32-bit systems.

Rumor has it:

  • Size is ~60 MB (with Workshop Tools installed)


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