Dota 2 update for 11/23/21 (11/24/21 UTC)

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Guides

Via the Steam Community:

  • Added a command line option -sdlaudiodriver to manually set the audio API SDL Audio will use. If you're having a problem where Dota is playing no sound, please try adding "-sdlaudiodriver directsound" or "-sdlaudiodriver winmm" to the command line.

Rumor has it:

  • Fantasy for the DPC Winter 2022 Tour should look very familiar if you've participated during a previous edition of The International

  • If you're interested in looking at all of the UI code changes in this update (or peeking at some under-the-hood audio system changes), head here for tonight's GameTracking diff

  • Size is ~60 MB (with Workshop Tools installed)


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