Dota 2 update for 5 April 2021 – ClientVersion 4786

Mod Skin Dota 2

Update size is about 84.0MB


Added responses to 'Coach a Friend' feature (exclusive to Dota Plus, replaced the 'Watch Live' feature). Other localization updates and corrections to spelling errors.


  • Updated localization files for Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese – Brazil, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Spanish – Latin America, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish – Spain, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Romanian

English Localization

  • matchmaking_match_disabled_party: {s:match_denied_player_name} will prevent matching due to failing to ready-up or abandoning his or hetheir last game. Time remaining: {t:r:e:match_denied_time}
  • DOTA_ContextualTips_ScanEnemy_Text: Scan ability can be used to detect enemey heroes in hidden parts of the map.
  • DOTA_ContextualTips_ScanEnemy_Annotation: Located near the minimap UI, scan can detect if enemey heroes are inside the scanned area. Does not provide vision or specific heroes detected.
  • DOTA_CoachControls_VoiceOpenMic: <font color='#83caed'>Open Mic</font> to Talk
  • DOTA_CoachControls_AskingToCoachFriend: Asking to Coach Friend
  • DOTA_CoachControls_WaitingForFriendToAccept: Waiting for friend to accept.
  • DOTA_CoachControls_FriendWantsToCoach: Friend Wants to Coach
  • DOTA_CoachControls_Accept: Accept
  • DOTA_CoachControls_Decline: Decline
  • DOTA_CoachControls_SendingResponse: Sending response.
  • DOTA_CoachFriend_AcceptFailed: Unable to Accept Friend Coach
  • DOTA_CoachFriend_RejectFailed: Unable to Reject Friend Coach
  • DOTA_Glossary_Search_Hero: Hero: <b>%s1</b>
  • DOTA_Glossary_Search_HeroAbility: Ability: <b>%s2</b> (%s1)
  • DOTA_Glossary_Search_Item: Item: <b>%s1</b>
  • DOTA_Glossary_Search_ItemAbbreviations: Item: <b>%s1</b> (abbreviated as "%s2")
  • DOTA_CoachingError_eRequestRejected: Player did not accept your coaching request.
  • DOTA_CoachingError_eCoachNotInLobby: Coach is not in the lobby.
  • DOTA_CoachingError_ePlayerInvalidTeam: Player is not on a valid team.
  • DOTA_CoachingError_eCoachInvalidTeam: Coach is not currently spectating.
  • DOTA_CoachingError_eNoRequest: Cannot find coaching request.
  • DOTA_CoachingError_eInvalidResponse: Invalid response.
  • DOTA_CoachingError_eAlreadyResponded: Already responded to this request.


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    Hey There, ce fai maci ?

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