Dota 2 update for late 10/17/21 (10/18/21)

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SteamDB has spotted a late night update for the game, the first since the end of The International 10 earlier today:

Although extremely unlikely, more info will be edited in if it does become available.

  • With the end of The International 10, a few things have become unobtainium, some of which are enforced in the item schema, others through Panorama CSS "visibility: collapse;" tweaks including:

    • Team-based Player Card packs (enforced through CSS)
    • DPC Supporters Club tiers for all teams available as part of the Season 2 program (enforced through item schema)
  • Also unobtainium, at least until they can be traded and listed on the Steam Community Market early on 11/18/21 (specifically, after 2:00 AM PST/4:00 AM CST/1000 UTC), Autograph Avatars have had their prices knocked down to "$0" in the item schema

    • However, if you attempt to scoop them up for free since the buy buttons are still present in the Talent page of the Compendium, you'll get thrown an error message, so yes, they are indeed unobtainium, at least for the time being as mentioned above. Until then, in the words of Slacks: "Ohhhhh noooooo!"


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