Dota 2 updates for 27 April 2021 – ClientVersions 4847 and 4848

Mod Skin Dota 2


Added team pages back again. Also added Live Updates/Spoiler Block toggle again.

Added some more localization text for team profile pages.

Team EG profile page


  • Updated localization files for English

English Localization

  • DOTA_DPCTeams_RegistrationPeriod6: Winter Season 2
  • DOTA_DPCTeams_DPCFinishes: Recent DPC Finishes
  • DOTA_DPCTeams_NoDPCFinishes: No recent DPC Finishes on record
  • DOTA_DPC_FightingStat: How often this team fights as a unit
  • DOTA_DPC_FarmingStat: How much this team focuses on creep farming
  • DOTA_DPC_VersatilityStat: How many different heroes this team plays
  • DOTA_DPC_TopHeroes: Most successful heroes in the last 4 months
  • DOTA_DPCLeagueName: {s:league_name}


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