Elite Dangerous Market Connector 4.1.6

Release 4.1.6

We might have finally found the cause of the application hangs during shutdown. Note that this became easier to track down due to the downtime for migration of www.edsm.net around 2021-01-11. Before these fixes EDSM's API not being available would cause an EDMC hang on shutdown.

  • We've applied extra paranoia to some of the application shutdown code to ensure we're not still trying to handle journal events during this sequence.
    We also re-ordered the shutdown sequence, which might help avoid the shutdown hang.
    If you encounter a shutdown hang then please add a comment and log files to Application can leave a zombie process on shutdown #678 to help us track down the cause and fix it.
  • We now avoid making Tk event_generate() calls whilst the appliction is shutting down.
  • Plugins should actively avoid making any sort of Tk event_generate() call during application shutdown.
    This means using if not config.shutting_down: to gate any code in worker threads that might attempt this. Also, be sure you're not attempting such in your plugin_stop() function.
    See plugins/edsm.py and plugins/inara.py for example of the usage.
  • Any use of plug.show_error() won't actually change the UI status line during shutdown, but the text you tried to show will be logged instead.
  • Cargo tracking will now correctly count all instances of the same type of cargo for different missions. Previously it only counted the cargo for the last mission requiring that cargo type, as found in Cargo.json.
  • The loaded contents of Cargo.json can now be found in monitor.state['CargoJSON']
    . monitor.state is what is passed to plugins as state in the journal_entry() call.
  • Our logging code should now cope with logging from a property.
  • Logging from any name-mangled method should now work properly.
  • Miscellaneous updates to PLUGINS.md – mostly to clarify some things.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/kvv5w3/elite_dangerous_market_connector_416/

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