Elite Dangerous Market Connector 5.2.0

What Is Elite Dangerous Market Connector?

Elite Dangerous Market Connector ("EDMC") is a third-party application for use with Frontier Developments' game "Elite Dangerous". Its purpose is to facilitate supplying certain game data to, and in some cases retrieving it from, a number of websites and other tools.

To do this it utilises the Journal Files written by the game when played on a PC. It also makes use of Frontier's Companion API ("Frontier's CAPI"), accessible once you've authorised this application.

EDMC has a plugin system which many other developers have made use of to extend its functionality.

Find out more on the EDMC Wiki.

NB: This application is of no use with a Console game account. We now test against, and package with Python 3.9.7. As a consequence of this we no longer support Windows 7, due to Python 3.9.x itself not supporting Windows 7.

As has become routine now, various anti-virus software are reporting a false positive on our installer and/or files it contains. I've pre-emptively uploaded the installer to VirusTotal if you want to check what it's saying. Please see our Troubleshooting/AV-false-positives FAQ for further information.

Release 5.2.0

  • The 'Update' button is disabled if CQC/Arena is detected.

  • Frontier CAPI queries now run in their own thread. There should be no change in functionality for users. This affects both EDMarketConnector (GUI) and EDMC (command-line).

  • File > Status will now use cached CAPI data, rather than causing a fresh query. Currently if data has not yet been cached nothing will happen when trying to use this.

  • Trying to use File > Status when the current commander is unknown, or there is has been no CAPI data retrieval yet, will now result in the 'bad' sound being played and an appropriate status line message.

  • File > Save Raw Data also now uses the cached CAPI data, rather than causing a fresh query. This will write an empty JSON {} if no data is yet available.

  • New docs/Licenses/ directory containing all relevant third-party licenses for the software this application uses.

  • Settings > Output > File Location 'Browse' button will now always be available, even if no output options are active.

  • The 'no git installed' logging when running from source is now at INFO level, not ERROR. This will look less scary.

  • EDMarketConnetor command-line arguments have been re-ordered into logical groups for –help

  • Support added for several new EDDN schemas relating to specific Journal events. The live EDDN server has been updated to support these.
    Schema support added for:

    • codexentry/1
    • fssdiscoveryscan/1
    • navbeaconscan/1
    • navroute/1
    • scanbarycentre/1

  • If a message to EDDN gets an 'unknown schema' response it will NOT be saved in the replaylog for later retries, instead being discarded.

Bug Fixes

  • Pressing the 'Update' button when in space (not docked, not on a body surface) will no longer cause a spurious "Docked but unknown station: EDO Settlement?" message.

  • A bug preventing –force-localserver-auth from working has been fixed.

  • horizons and odyssey flags should now always be set properly on all EDDN messages. The horizons flag was missing from some.


  • Now built using Python 3.9.7.

  • New journal_entry_cqc() function for plugins to receive journal events specifically and only when the player is in CQC/Arena. This allows for tracking things that happen in CQC/Arena without polluting journal_entry(). See PLUGINS.md for details.

  • Command-line argument –trace-all to force all possible –trace-on to be active.

  • Contributing.md has been updated for how to properly use trace_on().

  • EDMC.(py,exe) now also makes use of –trace-on.

  • EDMarketConnector now has –capi-pretend-down to act as if the CAPI server is down.

  • Killswitches now have support for removing key/values entirely, or forcing the value. See docs/Killswitches.md for details.

  • state['Odyssey'] added, set from LoadGame journal event.

  • You can now test against a different EDDN server using –eddn-url command-line argument. This needs to be the full 'upload' URL, i.e. for the live instance this is https://eddn.edcd.io:4430/upload/.

  • New command-line argument –eddn-tracking-ui to track the EDDN plugin's idea of the current BodyName and BodyID, from both the Journal and Status.json.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qfdsr1/elite_dangerous_market_connector_520/

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