End Asteroid fields in 1.18 would look like

Ender Exit portal

Bedrock replaced by End obsidian.

Bedrock being replaced by end crystal holder with purple flames on top.

End ship being replaced by Flying Ship with glowing mushroom wood and a black sail showing the Endermen.

End dungeon being spawned underneath the End city.

Bedrock being replaced by end crystal holders with purple flames being lit.

Poise biome being added new with mutated frogs and flies.

Chorus jungle being added with endermites along with improved end cities having a coned purple roof with endermen banners.

Mushroom biome being addded with endtles and the flying glowbee.

End wastes being added with Ancient comet along with enders.

Ender dragon arena improved with a respawn star.

Teleporters can teleport you to any biome now and you can create your adventures through these end islands inspired by Endergetic mod and the end mod along with the enderite mod.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/mfyn0i/end_asteroid_fields_in_118_would_look_like/

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