Engineering Cheat Sheet

I've recently been getting into the painful but rewarding engineering grind in Elite. There is a lot of information out there, but it's scattered all over the place. I have created this in the hopes of consolidating some of it.

I'm not very far in, so I don't have many unlocked engineers, so I'm not sure what upgrades are the most. common. I would like to add to that section, so any advice in the comments would be appreciated. What blueprints are must-haves? I'm also not sure how many sites like the Jameson Crash site there are out there, but I find it is helpful to know what to trade away when I get back to the trader. Again, advice appreciated. Anyway, I hope you can use this to some advantage in your adventures throughout the galaxy.

P.S: I'm a little new to this whole Reddit thing, what the heck is flair? Did I do it right?


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