epic minecraft journey so far- titled- from rags to riches to rags

My friend and I recently started a world to play some minecraft and our intentions are to finish the game by slaying the great dragon. Well we were off to a great start, built our selves a nice little in groung base, featuring all the goodies minecraft has to offer, we finished getting our perals and blaze power and made the eyes, we had 15. So we packed our thing up and headed out to find the portal! It was smooth sailing till we lost 5 perals due to them breaking. Then we finally found it and as we were mining down i accidently killed my teammate with my sword sending him back to the base, he grabbed the rest of the stuff we forgot like the enchantment table and other materials, sadly he died again leaving all the goods left in the unknown for who knows how long, then we eventually found me and we took caare of a raid on the vilage above the strong hold. At this point we had almost nothing besides my diamond tools. We found the portal but since almost half of the perals broke, we only had 7 and the portal had 2 ;-; so for our next grind we are going to set out for new materials! (this is the first time in forever either of us have attempted a full game play start to finish) Thank you for reading if you made it this far

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/lq96rl/epic_minecraft_journey_so_far_titled_from_rags_to/

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