Fantansy prediction game for the ESL One Fall is up on SuperPOG, come play with us if you’re interested!

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Guides

Hello again everyone!

We've got another dota fantasy prediction game loaded up for the ESL One Fall tournament, starting Saturday.

Come join if this excites you, £100 pounds on the line for the winner!

A couple of us have signed up and after the last one, it turned out to be great fun! You pretty much guess the winning teams throughout the tournament, it's as simple as that.

Just a note, teams are still TBD vs TBD until the tournament organiser has released more details. Keep an eye out but this should hopefully be up soon.

Lastly, we are continually developing the game for a better player experience so come poke around and let us know your thoughts.



If stuck just comment below or pop me a message. Otherwise hope to see you in the mix!




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