Firing Range

This is exactly what we've been needing, and I want to say thank you so much to the devs for listening.

Me and a friend have been goofing off in firing range for a couple hours now. We've successfully made an 8 zip line course around the arena, with a few sniping spots to stop at along the way.

I have to say this gives me almost everything I need to practice and test things, and I only have one major suggestion. It would be super helpful if we had the ability to set teams, so if we bring a full squad in, we can split into 3 teams and damage each other. Another thing that would be great for this, just to practice aim, would be to have a slider for damage percentage, so we can set our shots to do anywhere from minimal to full damage just so we know we're hitting. I guess basically make it a paintball arena now that I think about it.

Thats it, my only real suggestion for the range. I'm absolutely loving what we've got right now, thank you again.


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