Flying without fuel scoop

There is a trick when you are flying without fuel scoop (more cargo!) and want to go somewhere without having to dock for refueling.

Fuel consumption is not linearly increasing with jump distance, it's an exponential curve.

You need to make the plotter not use you maximum jump range when calculating the jumps.

  • If you have empty cargo space, use the slider in the galaxy map plotter and by sliding it right make the plotter think you have more cargo. Slide it untill your entire route is a solid line (the dotted line is the part you won't wave fuel for)
  • If you have Guardian FSD Booster turn it off, plot route on "Fastest", turn the FSD Booster on, go back to the galaxy map and see if the line doesn't have any dotted fragments.
  • 3rd one is tricky: Use Map filters to filter route (don't forget to tick "Apply filter to route") either by:Economies – tourism only for exampleSecurity – High Security onlythis is very random, and sometimes work just enough to get you somewhere on one tank. 😉

Fuel consumption per distance calculated for an A-Rated Engineered Cutter build.

This is how first method looks like.

Source on math: LINK


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