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The drama is so much fun, so I'll just summarize for you guys:
Warning wall of text

  1. 6/2020: now Team Secret – TS is in a sublimation series when winning 6 consecutive prizes -> Ceb tweeted "Bring high skill dota back" meaning a few days TS abuse meta, playing the game all 15-20p there's nothing good about gg. and a few days later it retweeted TS as "confidence speak for itself". The underground battle takes place from here, although the two teams have never collided on social media before

  2. Followed by the trash talk bashing screen from inside and outside the game and social network. OG is famous for their dirty tips and chat wheel but OG still hasn't won any tournament after TI

  3. The last drop of water is this: the last EU qualifying tournament, Tournament Organizer (Manager) sent an email to the teams to allow the coach to intervene in the match. Alliance read the mail and let ppd be the coach, even going back to the vlog thinking it was valid. OG (before Alliance received ppd as a coach, lost to Alliance 2-0) bitterly called Alliance pussy with cheater. Alliance don't think Alliance did anything wrong because They read email. The two sides argued for 1-2 days, then mr Cocky aka TI weiner posted a 1200-word letter about Alliance's use of a coach. Big sister Kelly is too angry to curse this guy, this time pretending to be honest is that we have been very happy before, She don't think She will have a day to hate Ceb, why does he not private inbox her to talk. Kelly said she DM NoMail and then he didnt respond, and she said Ceb don't act like an angel in front of people's tables.

-> OG decided not to share scrim with Alliance anymore

-> during that time, MoM posted a lot of snout tweets, so it was spicy

  1. Last night was the OG-liquid match, very decisive because if you lose, OG has to tie a tie break with tundra and bram (this time back to 1 time ago, when the OG-tundra match, 1 person on the tundra side was disconnected and can't get in -> OG unpause and said there must be a limit to everything, even though it wasn't the end of tundra's time, the result was that tundra punched OG and didn't miss any shots)

-> OG lost to liquid 2-0 with game 2 in just 20 minutes -> MoM posted 2 tweets below. Ceb is so hot that he curses Mom in his inbox like today
End. 15 minutes to synthesize


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