For unlocking Terra Velasquez, read the directions…. (COVERT thefts!)

Hi folks,

Well, most of you are probably smart enough to figure this out – but just in case… I spent today learning and practicing stealth stuff, and honestly had a lot of fun doing it. At the end of my playsession, I had completed 6 thefts/heists, and was quite pleased. My invitation from Terra hadn't shown up, but I figured I needed to relog.

Relogged – no invite. Hmmmm…. I figured, yeah, Odyssey, stupid bug. But I'll look to be sure.

Sure enough, right there, it specifies COVERT thefts and heists. Many of mine weren't covert missions (although for practice, I played each of them as covert and tried hard not to trigger alarms – hence my confusion…)

Anyway, yeah – don't be me! Read the directions!

(Not a complete loss – had fun, and got some materials and data while I was running around! Just wish I knew how many actual covert ones I did…)


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