For your information, there are 3 small SEA tournaments taking place during these 2 weeks

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

As mentioned, there are 3 SEA tournaments taking place these 2 weeks.

Here are the teams playing in these 3 tournaments:

  • Team SMG = CEO Moon + 4 janitors
  • Team D = Ponlo's Stack
Team SMGTeam SMGTeam SMG
Team DTeam DTeam D
Motivate.Trust GamingMotivate.Trust Gaming
Cignal UltraCignal Ultra
OB Esports x NeonOB Esports x Neon
Army GeniusesArmy Geniuses
Motivate.Viper Gaming
Yangon Galacticos
The Prime
Team Mystery
Moon Chasers
Galaxy Racer
Ground Zero


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