FORTnITE competition

Hello my husk hunters and you survivors out there yet to play. I have a PC code for you to win.

All you have to do is come up with a new kind of husk or mist monster. The best one in my opinion wins. ( although if any from epic is reading this I wouldn't be adverse to their opinions too)

1. One entry per account
2. follow the forums guidelines/rules.
3. Be nice to each other.

So for you entry to be up for the chance of getting that all mighty code, I need

  1. The husk/mist monsters name(husk/husky husk/ smasher/flinger)

  2. A quick physical description.

  3. What they do. ( How they attack/ move/ and so on)

The More descriptive the better. This competition with come to an end on midnight (UK time) Wednesday and I'll announce the winner on Thursday.

Have fun, tell your friends who haven't yet got a copy.
May your durability stay high and your BASE not be swarmed.


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