Fun Trick for Smugglers – “crack the whip”

So there I was scooping stars on my way out to a score when a thought came to me…
"Since interdictors require the pirate to be behind the victim, what if I just parked in the hot zone of the star I was scooping with my ass aimed at the fire? Then, no dopey pirate would be able to get into position."
To which my thoughts replied: "That seems really unlikely to A) ever happen and B) be effective"
12 Jumps Later…I was just chilling, parked in the hot zone with a belly full of Thargoid contraband, just minding my own business scanning planets when I get the notification, "There you are. You've got the cargo I want!"
To which I replied, "No way," in mental stereo.

SO I pitched up until my hibernating engines were back towards the star and wouldn't you know it, that little sonofabitch got behind me somehow. "See, I told you that wouldn't work," I said to myself.

Well, I wasn't going to surrender but didn't feel like fighting, so I slammed the throttle full forward intent to shake the cheeky little space-bandit. Because I was so slow and so close to the star though, the poor little bastard tethered to my cheeks got tail-whipped around back into the damned star! His interdiction lasted maybe four whole seconds! I barely had to evade!

So there you have it! Park your tail at the star when you're fuel scooping with cargo.


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