Future Elite Dangerous Market Connector and Windows 7

What Is Elite Dangerous Market Connector?

Elite Dangerous Market Connector ("EDMC") is a third-party application for use with Frontier Developments' game "Elite Dangerous". Its purpose is to facilitate supplying certain game data to, and in some cases retrieving it from, a number of websites and other tools.

To do this it utilises the Journal Files written by the game when played on a PC. It also makes use of Frontier's Companion API ("Frontier's CAPI"), accessible once you've authorised this application.

EDMC has a plugin system which many other developers have made use of to extend its functionality.

Find out more on the EDMC Wiki.

This Pre-Release continues to add more support for Odyssey, certainly reducing errors in the application when running against Odyssey. It also contains some bugfixes (which will be backported into a release version soon).

Latest Python releases no longer support Windows 7

I've been made aware that all Python 3.9 releases state " Note that Python 3.9.4 cannot be used on Windows 7 or earlier. " or similar. Ref: https://www.python.org/downloads/windows/

The upcoming EDMC 5.0.0 will be using Python 3.9.4 and as such, according to that quote, will not work on Windows 7, but will continue to work with Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.

In the long-term I expect a future Python release to drop support for Windows 8/8.1, and possibly at some point only support Windows 10 versions newer than some release.

Whilst it's definitely still possible to upgrade a Windows 7/8/8.1 install to Windows 10 for free I'm aware that for some people there's hardware incompatibility that prevents this.

We could try to put out separate installers using latest Python 3.8 for the build, but at some point Python 3.8 will no longer be supported, and sooner than this we'll likely start using Python 3.9+ specific features in the code.

I'd appreciate comments from anyone still on Windows 7 who currently uses EDMC.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/muxuyc/future_elite_dangerous_market_connector_and/

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