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On the 4th of April NaVi squad had a CW scheduled that was cancelled in the morning.

Around 4 pm they had a team meeting in discord where Mag (NaVi’s coach) broke the news and said that they (as a team) decided to kick him. He didn’t believe at first and thought it was a joke, but someone from the team confirmed that they were not joking. Ramzes reached out to the team and team decided it would be better to play with Ramzes. General was surprised and mentioned that they decided to kick him behind his back just like rats not saying anything prior to it. He also mentioned that Iceberg weren’t a part of a kick decision. Iceberg reached out to him afterwards and said that he was considered to be kicked as well.

General thinks that there were three players and Mag behind this decision.

He also mentioned that before FTM was acquired by NaVi and before they signed contracts – everyone on the FTM squad sworn (gave a man’s word) that they wouldn’t kick anyone and they would keep playing with the same roster all the way until the International.

He also mentioned the situation that happened during the bootcamp where team had a conversation about a possible replacement of one player but everyone decided not to kick anyone.

He ends the video by saying that he won’t be playing second DPC season and will most likely try to join a team right before a second way of reshuffles for the International qualifiers.

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