Get Quick Rich Scheme in ED Odyssey

Ok this is I belive not working as intended but I dont make the rules.

For giggles i setup a cobra Mk3 with 2 dumbfire missile launchers in the 2 MK2 slots, and then flew to the current CG with HIGH ground zones in Odyssey (there is one on the second planet)

Then hover over the base at a range of around 100-200 M and shoot the red circles that are being capped and also when the 'red' drops ships come in shoot the troops on the ground.

I was making around 6 million in bounties per 'game' and then flying back to the Wings to hand in the bounties and re-arm. THERE IS NO PENALTY for shooting your own guys – this is the bit i think is not working as intended.

Have fun 🙂


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