Guardian Ruins Don’t function in Odyssey

Small PSA. Don't go to guardian ruins if you want to do the "Decoding the Ancient Ruins" mission right now. When your trying to scan the obelisks, they will not show the symbols for the different required artifacts. I'm not going to get into the fact that the site doesn't react to pilots outside of the srv in any way, shape, or form. I'm also not going to get into the fact that you can clearly see in these pictures the significant loss of graphical fidelity. I have not taken the pictures to show this, but I also noticed the guardian site on this planet has moved in odyssey, but the tourist beacon right next to it has not moved, so in odyssey the tourist beacon is about a quarter of the circumference of the planet away from the site, instead of next to it as it should be. I'm not trying to flame the developers with this post, so please don't use this to flame FDEV more. We all know the developers aren't the ones who decide when something gets released (I'm a dev of a different game myself). This is very frustrating for me of course (a long journey for basically nothing), but I know that had they been given time, this certainly would have come up as a bug and been fixed. I currently am going to try to salvage my expedition by going to some guardian structures to try to unlock the guardian modules. I will make an edit once I arrive on the viability of getting the guardian modules in Odyssey.

Final note: this is my first time making a real post on reddit so apologies if it's a mess.


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