Gunters guide to all World’s edge Easter Eggs! (will be continuously updated)

This is updated with as much detail as i could get on all the current known Easter eggs in World's Edge. I will update multiple times daily, all help and suggestions welcome.

(this was posted over at r/ApexLore but people suggest I post on the main Apex Reddit)


1. The Yuki Shrine Easter Egg:

The dog in the pictures you've been seeing is called Yuki, befriended by Rodney Reece, Yuki passed away at 16 during the making of World's Edge & Rodney wanted to make sure he got a spot on the map.

The current theory is that all the pictures create an arrow leading to the Yuki shrine, there you can find 2 supply bins that give next to guaranteed Purple Armour! It might be just as simple as that and it's already solved! But we're still looking for the final few pictures, it's always possible there's more to this.

  • Current known Yuki locations map

(thanks for updating it u/rodoov*)*

Tips & theories for searching:

  • The current assumption is there's 15 pictures in total, 5 of each, 3 of those pics include the Yuki shrine in the top left of the map.
  • Assuming we've found all 5 of the orange circled Yuki, then it follows we're still looking for 1 more blue Yuki & 2 more yellow Yukis.
  • Except for the Vaults, all Yuki pics seem to be each found in a different style of building, pay extra close attention to building types not used yet.
  • Yuki passed away at 16 and the total assumed pictures amount to 15, it's possible there's a secret 16th of some sort.
  • All pictures combined look to be making a giant arrow across the map, pay extra close attention to buildings on the white arrow lines.

2. Capitol City street names:

There's a lot of random street names in Capitol City and a couple have been found to represent some of the Developers

  • Senior Writer Manny Hagopian

  • Narrative Lead/Character Lead Mohammad Alavi

3. Names in 'New Dawn' sign:

  • This joke to u/FrozenFroh's knowledge goes as far back as the play testing of Apex Legends before launch, with "CAPT_DINGUS420" being a name on the concept art.

  • You can also spot it in Pathfinders official art, behind Crypto.

4. Random names around map

Random names have been found around the map, we're 99% these are some Easter egg of sorts due to them not being replicated in other similar environments. They could be names or a code, we're not sure yet.



  • IKIZZLE (This appears in all grow labs, could be nothing, but in a hidden place with the same font)

5. The Yeti

In the distant mountains of World's Edge, when the R-99 isn't bleeding everyone's ears, you can sometimes hear the roar of what we assume to be a Yeti! Other animals noises like barking dogs can be heard as well.

Click here for the audio captured by u/Kevthekings99_YT

  • We're currently attempting to pinpoint where the noises are coming from
  • We believe it to be a Yeti due to the Yeti charm we got with this Season and Wraiths new banner that also has 2 small Yeti's on it.
  • To hear it better, go to your Audio settings – turn all volume settings down except for sound effects. Then just crank the headset up! (Please be sure to be safe, don't want to pop an ear drum when your team mate let's off with a Charge Rifle)
  • We're hoping this is a similar Easter egg to the Nessie Easter egg in King's Canyon, so be on the look out for any hidden Yeti figures.

6. Lastimosa Books

This is a throwback to Titanfall so it is technically an Easter egg but it appears all around the map so I wouldn't put it in that same category


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