Halloween and Community Announcements.

Happy Halloween folks. To celebrate the holiday we are welcoming people to post any Halloween related Tarkov pics in here over the next couple of days. Post your group pics and best costumes here should you wish.

We are also tying this in with a couple of announcements:

  1. Community awards are up. You should be able to award others some Tarkov related awards now, all of which were chosen from a mix of the suggestions people submitted and one Halloween related award. Yes, they cost 500 which is frankly absurdly expensive but we have no control over that. Take it up with Reddit if you wish. But the choice is better than no choice at all as voted by you, the community. There are a total of 8 awards as listed below:
    – Killa Helm – Bitcoin – Labs Red – AI 2 Cheese – Kappa – Halloween Helm – Prapor Laugh – Sugar –

  1. We have introduced a new macro for system help. With the influx of new players we often see system related questions in new that need to offer more information to get the help they need. Those of you that wish to offer computer related advice should now have better information on an issue, and those of you that need system spec help can give more details. We have a template that will hopefully be in the side bar soon but for now is linked below and will be used in removals to help you get the best chance of issue resolution. Please continue to use the flairs available but more will be coming for this specific area once we free up the space in CSS.


Summary of the issue (i.e. Stutters on Customs)


Issue: Please be as detailed as possible when explaining your issue such as where/when stutters occur for example

Region & Servers selected: (For connection related issues)

System Specs:



– RAM (Including set speed)

– HDDSSD (that the game is installed on. Please provide Model Number)

– Internet Connection Type/Speed

– OS Version

– GPU Driver Version

Screenshot/video of issue: For example posting a screenshot of your in game graphics settings for a stuttering issue.

Finally, all bug posts and general discussion for the latest patch are being let through but if you still wish to report them to the main thread it will continue to be updated:


Happy Halloween and good luck in your raids.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/jkvf4e/halloween_and_community_announcements/

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